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Introducing Our Priories

Servite College prides itself on the Priory system that all students and staff belong to. There are six Priories which have been influenced by the locations our Seven Holy Founders visited, during their journey in evangelising and sharing the Servite story around the world.

Student Conference 2014

Servite College is a co-educational secondary school, located in Perth, Western Australia. It’s educational philosophy stems from the charisms and values instilled by the Servite Order.

School, As Per Normal.

As we entered our first full day at Servite High School, our girls shadowed their host students to classes. Sitting through Theology, Marine Biology, AP Literature classes, and many more; the girls were a welcomed guest and were provided an insight to an American education.

Today the classes were ‘blocked’ meaning they went for twice as long as normal – a standard procedure for the boys at Servite High. Our girls, graciously took this in their stride and embraced the experience.

Our students walked out of school today, astounded by the chivalry  demonstrated by the young Servite gentlemen, and some fantastic ideas to discuss and explore further upon their return home.

Servite High has gone completely above and beyond to be hospitable and welcoming to us, and our students. The ties we share and continue building, remain vital in maintaing this outstanding camaraderie and  connection.

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Servite, Meet Servite.

After our long flight over to LA, it was straight to Servite High School, our brother school in Anaheim, California.

You never would have known that we had flown for a day, as the girls enthusiasm, masked their extreme fatigue. The girls enjoyed their first day at school, shadowing their host students around; participating in classes and promoting Servite Perth and Australia.

A lot more adventures to follow, as the girls begin their first full day at Servite High.

Servite Perth ISSN Students. (Brooke Stoer, Melissa Colallio, Mare Stevanovski, Julia Armenti)
Servite Perth ISSN Students. (Brooke Stoer, Melissa Colallio, Mare Stevanovski, Julia Armenti)
Servite High School. Anaheim, CA.
Servite High School. Anaheim, CA.